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Carotino ChaosPuzzle     
Carotino Chaos is a race against time to collect as many bottles of cooking oil as you possibly can. Grab the bottles from the shelves to destroy the competitor's profits!
ThiefAction / Adventure     
The evil imps have stolen all of your precious gems, stones and diamonds! You have to take them back
Pencak SilatAction / Adventure     
A great little Mortal Kombat/Tekken type game where you can customize your fighter and take him thro
CrossfireAction / Adventure     
Simply kill all the soldiers in the crossfire as you make your way towards the alien base, Abbys, an
ChasmAction / Adventure     
I'm not really sure what this game is. But play about with this little guy and see what happens. :)
Mario Brother 2Action / Adventure     
An awesome game taken from the Nintendo. Who doesn't love Mario?
Stealth HackerAction / Adventure     
A little adventure game where you have to avoid the Police Officer while hacking into the computers.
TurboTankAction / Adventure     
Drive around the world in this tank, killing all the enemies and blowing the huge red robot monsters
Alpine EscapeAction / Adventure     
Catch the brides falling from the airship, but don't shoot it down - shoot down the fighter plane in
Evil Stawberry Evil Stawberry
See what happens when this fruit pushes it too far.
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Madness Combat 1 Madness Combat 1
The first Madness Combat.
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Bush Fun Bush Fun
Have fun playing with bush!
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Stick Figure Pentalty Stick Figure Pentalty
How do you want to penalize the stick figure?
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  Action / Adventure
Ant City Ant City
Have fun but watch out for that lorry!
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Super MPCorp Land 1 Super MPCorp Land 1
Rescue your friend who was kidnapped by the evil creatures. Make your way through the hills, the pla
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Moon Patrol Moon Patrol
Blast those boulders, Jump thos craters.
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TurboTank TurboTank
Drive around the world in this tank, killing all the enemies and blowing the huge red robot monsters
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Home Run Rally Home Run Rally
All the fun of baseball online! Hit as many balls as you can.
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Baseball Baseball
Play baseball on your computer in 3D.
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Mini Pool 2 Mini Pool 2
The sequel to Mini Pool, a great pool game.
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Keep Ups Keep Ups
Keep the ball up for as long as possible.
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Bug Bug
You must tactically push the bug eggs into the nests.
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Jenga Jenga
Pull blocks from the middle/bottom and try to not make the tower fall by placing them on the top.
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Mah Jongg Mah Jongg
The best puzzle game ever! You will all remember this one...
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The Big Game The Big Game
It's about to start and you can't get your TV to work.
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  Shoot 'em up
Shoot the Turkey's Shoot the Turkey's
Shoot the turkey's.
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Space Dude Space Dude
Run, jump, and shoot the evil monsters.
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Castle Defender Castle Defender
Stop the intruders from taking over King Arthur's castle.
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Shoot The Gatso Shoot The Gatso
Shoot the Gatso before it takes your picture!
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Super Fly Super Fly
Catch as many bugs as possible.
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3 Foot Ninja 3 Foot Ninja
An extremely good fighting game.
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Mission Mars Mission Mars
Level the city to secure your landing!
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Pingu Sports Pingu Sports
Clear all of the ice blocks to get to the next level.
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Smashing Smashing
Destroy all the blocks to advance to the next level in this classic arcade game.
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Miniclip Tetris Miniclip Tetris
A great version of the classic arcade game.
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  Beat em up
The Rice Hat Warrior The Rice Hat Warrior
Cold steel is your only ally. Mercy has no place in your heart.
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Pumpkin Battle Pumpkin Battle
An evil pumpkin has invaded your patch and is wreaking havoc. He must be stopped.
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